Training Service

Digital Forensics/Cybersecurity Courses

In today’s digital age, digital evidence is a vital skill for any organization that deals with electronic evidence, such as data breach investigations, ransomware attacks, internal frauds and more. When faced with a cybersecurity incident, it is important to respond quickly and handle the electronic evidence correctly to prevent loss or corruption of the evidence.
Our ​in-house training courses provide a cost effective solution that offers many benefits for the organization:
– All courses can be customized to suit your specific requirements
– Cost effective
– Enhance the skills and confidence of the staff
– Courses developed & delivered by experienced forensic investigators
– Practical and relevant
– Software neutral using a range of free and open source tools

Forensic Techniques for Auditors

1-Day Forensic Techniques for Auditors

A 1-day course designed to provide auditors and IT staff with an in-depth understanding of various forensic techniques which can be used to supplement their internal audit processes.

Forensic Data Collection

2-Day Digital Forensics Data Collections for First Responders

The 2-day Digital Forensics – Data Collections for First Responders Course is ideal for IT staff or members of an incident response team who need to forensically preserve electronically stored information (ESI) following a cybersecurity incident or to support legal action.

Digital Forensics Foundation Course

4-Day Digital Forensic Foundation Training Course

The 4-day Digital Forensic Foundation Course is ideal for those wishing to pursue a career as a digital forensic investigator or for those cyber security specialists who wish to enhance their incident response skills.

Cyber Threats

1-Day Cybersecurity Training for Managers

While cyber threats may not be in your control, your cybersecurity strategy is and you should be looking at a risk-based approach. This cyber security training course prepares managers and senior executives to understand, assess, and take a proactive approach in cybersecurity.